Why You Need To Monitor Your Website Uptime

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Why You Need To Monitor Your Website Uptime

Monitoring your website uptime is critical for your business.   Are you testing your website to make sure it is available every minute, from all locations?

Companies rely on their websites and emails to work without any downtime.   If you’re  not monitoring your company’s website uptime, this could negatively impact your company down the road.  Every second that your website is down or takes longer to respond affects not only your brand reputation but your revenue.

What is Website Uptime Monitoring?

responsive-websiteWebsite uptime monitoring checks your website to make sure that it is up and running at all times.  You can check your uptime by typing in your URL and load the site, but unfortunately, you can’t monitor it 24 hours a day this way.  You could also hire a third-party service to monitor your website’s uptime, which is much more effective and will monitor your site 24/7.   Your web-hosting company may also have a monitoring system that will email you when your site is down.  If you are hosting a website with GoDaddy, they have a program called ManageWP and is free to GoDaddy users.  You must download the ManageWP app to your website in order for them to monitor your site. The ManageWp app will also manage websites outside of GoDaddy hosting.   Each time your site goes down, GoDaddy will send an email to the appropriate person to let them know that the site is down.  They will also send an email once the site goes back up.

One of our newest clients, Advanced Corrective Bodywork, hired RT Digital Media Marketing to help them develop a Search Engine Optimized website.  As we began making changes to their website, we noticed the site was very slow to respond and sometimes would take forever to come up, if at all.

Effects of Website Down Time

The website was constantly going down.  This hindered us greatly from making changes.  Their clients were calling them to let them know that the site was unresponsive.  Therefore, we started monitoring their website with ManageWP at the beginning of February 2017.   We began receiving several emails a day notifying us that the site was down.  Below is a copy of some of the emails and shows that on February 24th, the website was down 8 times.  This was happening daily.  We informed the hosting company of the issue several times and they agreed there was an issue but unfortunately didn’t have a date of when this would be fixed.

Email Notifications of Website Status

RT Digital Media Marketing - Monitor Website Downtime


Advanced Corrective Bodywork needed a stable platform immediately.  Therefore, we redesigned their website and moved them to a better hosting company.   We started monitoring Advanced Corrective Bodywork’s new site through ManageWP. It has been 5 days since the hosting change and their website is up 100% with no downtime.

RT Digital Media Marketing - Monitor Website Downtime


Automate Website Monitoring

website monitoringWhen you automate the monitoring of your site’s uptime, it will ensure you’re instantly alerted if any of your websites go down. Most third-party services will notify you if your site becomes unavailable so you can quickly fix the problem with minimal downtime. These services will automatically ping your site throughout the day to check that your site is still online.

Do You Monitor Your Website Page Load Speed?

Your website page load speed is an important part of any website’s user experience.  Some companies will accept slower page speeds to accommodate better artistic design, a new app, or to add more content to web pages. Unfortunately, website visitors would rather reach your website quickly than wait for your fancy design or new app to load.  Page loading time is also becoming an important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

There are several programs and apps, such as Google,  that are available to test your website speed. Make sure when you are looking for a website design company, that you do a little research of your own. Go to their website and copy their company URL.  Go to the Google page speed test and run it.  You may be surprised by their results.  We tested three different Inbound Marketing Companies located in the Seattle area to see if they practice what they preach.    Here are the results.  The highest page speed was 64 out of 100.RT Digital Media Marketing - Monitor Website Downtime


RT Digital Media Marketing has over 12 years experience developing website designs that are responsive, creative, represent your brand and are easily accessible with minimal downtime.   We believe that our website should be a representation of what you can expect when hiring us. RT Digital Media Marketing’s page speed is 87 out of 100.  Our new client Advanced Corrective Bodywork’s website speed is 88 out of 100.  It is very difficult to get 100% page speed, but we strive to get as close to 100% as possible.  Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION today.

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