Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

RT Digital Media Marketing are experts in Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO). We provide affordable SEO plans for small to midsize businesses in Seattle, Washington and throughout the United States.  Our  plans will increase your organic traffic, increase rankings, and increase your sales. Get your business on the first page and move above your competitors today by contacting us to schedule a free consultation.

What Is Search Engine Optimization in Laymen Terms?

“If You Build It, They Will Come” does not apply here.  There is so much more that needs to be done than just creating a website.  You should treat and care for your website the way you treat and care for your body.

For instance:

  • When you consume healthy nutritional food and water, your body will flourish and be vibrant.
    • Your website needs healthy nutritional food and water as well.   Developing a website foundation that is favorable with the search engines is the first step.  Once you begin feeding your website articles, links, press releases, new pages, videos, and images, you will begin to see an increase in traffic and rankings for your particular keywords and key-phrases.
  • Take daily supplements to make sure your body is getting all of the essential vitamins required.
    • Your website needs supplements as well.  Creating valid back-links and posting on social media sites is important because it validates your company and shows the search engines that your website is worth tracking and others value you.
  • Schedule yearly checkups to keep your body in tune.
    • Monthly website audits are crucial to making sure your website is functioning properly and shows up in the search engines correctly.  Analytic reports help to see where the traffic is coming from and where there may be opportunities for marketing.
  • Exercise regularly.
    • Continue the process, review, reevaluate and report.

One size fits allA “one size fits all” is impossible in today’s online market because each company is unique and has different needs. Therefore, we develop search engine optimization plans for any company from a small local company to a large corporation.  We believe it is imperative that you know up front what your customized plan includes so that it fits your company’s budget but still meets your online marketing goals.  There are so many SEO opportunities out there and the longer you keep your SEO strategy in place, the better your results will be down the road.  You must continue to be adaptable to survive in this online marketing industry especially when it is constantly being refined to meet the search engines’ algorithm.

Once you determine the SEO Plan that best meets your company’s needs, your SEO costs will not change.  You will know exactly what your plan includes, know the price you are paying and how RT Digital Media Marketing will help your company increase in organic rankings.

RT Digital Media Marketing’s main goal is to get your company’s website to stand out over your competition, no matter what industry you’re in, so you can attract your target audience on the Internet.  Have we got your attention yet?  Act now by calling us at (425) 218-2590 or email us to get more information about our affordable plans.

Gaining greater search engine visibility without compromising your website’s integrity or brand is our number one priority.

Customized Search Engine Optimization Plans

Most businesses do not have time to focus on getting their website ranked on search engines and would rather focus their time running a prosperous company.  A “One-size Fits All” approach does not apply to Search Engine Optimization.  Each company is unique.

With that in mind, RT Digital Media Marketing offers affordable customized monthly SEO campaigns with the capability to customized your plan to include other features that may not be a part of your plan.  We will provide a quote based on the size of your website, the current state that it’s in and the complexity of your design and future needs.

We believe in developing an SEO strategy that is favored by all search engines utilizing 100% white hat practices that will help your website climb the SERPs.

Link Building

Another important aspect of SEO is acquiring natural link acquisitions.  At RT Digital Media Marketing, we offer natural link building and link attraction services that help you increase and be favored by the major search engines.  All our link building tactics are 100% spam free and favorable by the search engines.  RT Digital Media Marketing believes in working diligently to improve your company rankings without putting your company at risk by Google penalties.

Site Assessment Services

RT Digital Media Marketing offers SEO assessment services for companies that have an in-house SEO team but would like more advanced guidance.  Our assessment includes a full website audit and review based on a set of ranking factors.  We will provide a detailed report that addresses current website capabilities, issues limiting your ranking ability and a new SEO strategy that will correct all the issues.  This report will consist of 50 – 150 pages depending on the website size and your company’s needs.

SEO Consulting Services

We provide expert SEO consulting services at a reasonable rate and is on a per-hour basis. RT Digital Media Marketing also consults with company’s SEO teams to provide insights on how they can improve organic rankings.

Search Engine Optimization