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Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies that many businesses are using today in order to create a strong presence and get their service or brand in front of thousands of prospective clients.

To achieve your brand’s social media objectives, RT Digital Media Marketing will utilize social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, to create an effective social media strategy that will give you more control over your existing customer base and increase new customers.  We use a 4-step Social Media Checklist to analyze, research, develop, maintain, monitor, and analyze your company and brand.

1. Conduct Social Media Analysis

RT Digital Media Marketing will begin by preparing a social media analysis that will include:

We will determine what social media channels best fit your company and brand.

Is social media suited to your business? Are your potential customers likely to use social media channels?

We will research who your customers are and what and how they use online channels.

We will do a competitor analysis to find out who your main competitors are and what is their online presence and how are they marketing their brand.

We will determine if there are any potential risks to using social media channels and create a strategy that will protect your company if any risks should arise.


2. Social Media Strategy

We will provide a social media strategy that includes the following:

Develop your vision statement. Determine your short and long term goals and what will it take to meet those goals.
Create a description of your target market and what social channels are best utilized.
Create a communication strategy to engage with customers and maintain interaction by giveaways, promotions or exclusive deals. Determine the frequency of posts. Establish milestones such as increase website traffic, search engine optimization, networking, recruitment, paid advertising, etc., date of completion, cost, and KPI performance.

3. Establish Rules

Establishing rules to regulate content and customer privacy is crucial to your social media strategy.  RT Digital Media Marketing will develop:

Develop a social media content policy that sets rules for your social media team establishing what can and cannot be published, tone of voice, privacy principles, non-disclosure principles and customer service standards.
Create a description of your target market and what social channels are best utilized. Determine how content will be developed and approved. Procedure for content removal. Develop a procedure for accepting friends/followers.
Construct a privacy strategy that ensures your customers are protected.


Demographic targeting (age, gender, location)

4. Monitoring Social Media Activities

We will monitor and measure all activity to see if it has improved your company’s over all sales and increased traffic to your website.  Once we have determined how effective our strategies are, we will modify and monitor them to improve results.

Determine what tools will be used to monitor all social channel activities.
Create analytic reports to determine the results by reviewing sales/profit figures, new/repeat customers and how did customers visit your website.

Affordable Social Media Plans

RT Digital Media Marketing will create an affordable social media plan that will drive more traffic to your website.


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